Staff & Boards

Part of what makes WTBR-FM such an amazing resource for our community is the people – between the organization’s regular operations staff to our two dedicated administrative boards, Pittsfield Community Radio members receive the best media professionals our community has to offer.

Shawn Serre, Executive Director

PCTV's Executive Director, Shawn serves as the Station Manager for Pittsfield Community Radio.

Brad Lorenz, Chief Operator

Brad serves the needs of both the licnesee and PCTV by making sure all FCC requirements are maintained.

David Wyatt, Production Technician

David serves as lead Station Technician, ensuring that every layer of production technology works as intended.

Matthew Tucker, Public Access Coordinator

Matthew is the connection between prospective producers and access to the broadcast facilities.

David Cachat, Technical Operations Supervisor

Dave provides technical management of WTBR-FM, along with cataloging massive vinyl and CD music collections.

Bob Heck, Coordinator Of Advancement

Bob serves as WTBR-FM's underwriting accounts manager, ensuring that we are on the air for years to come.

Jody Spielmann, Office Manager

Jody keeps our front office running smoothly and ensures that the station's basic needs are maintained.

Tom Harrison, Station Programmer

Tom provides advanced technical support and manages the weekly automation playback logs.

Jeffrey Vecellio, Production Technican

Jeffrey leverages his years of media experience to help prepare new producers to be "on the air."

WTBR-FM Advisory Boards and Committees

Community Advisory Board:

The CAB is established so that WTBR-FM may benefit from community feedback on programming, guidance on policy decisions and assistance in fundraising. It is intended that this board will provide meaningful input to the Licensee and Station Management that results in better public service. The Community Advisory board nominates and appoints qualified public members of the Programming Committee, and retains the power to remove Programming Committee members for cause.

Programming Committee:

The Programming Committee reviews all program proposals submitted by individuals who live and work in the area, intending to create programs of local interest to the community of Pittsfield. The committee looks for proposals that will fulfill the ideals of service, enrichment, localism, diversity, innovation, and community. Proposals reviewed may include news, arts and culture, music, entertainment, and interview talk shows, and may be live in-studio, remote on-site, or pre-recorded programs.