NOMADAS Radio is a Spanish-language talk show which welcomes Latin-American immigrants to share their stories of survival and personal growth. The goal of this program is to dispel the myth that only "important people's" stories are worth telling. --- NOMADAS Radio es un programa de entrevistas en español que da la bienvenida a inmigrantes latinoamericanos para compartir sus historias de supervivencia y crecimiento personal. El objetivo de este programa es disipar el mito de que sólo vale la pena contar las historias de "personas importantes".

NOMADAS Radio – October 10, 2022

Question 4 for Safer RoadsQuestion 4 for Safer Roads will be on the ballot this November 8th.And to talk to us about it, this Monday, we will be joined by state representative Tricia Farley Bouvier @reptriciafb, Javier Luengo, a strategist and community activist for the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) […]