The Mix – 6/27/2021

In honor of Pride Month, I present a tribute to Club Red which was my first regular DJ gig. I’m digging deep in my collection to bring you a set of some of the music you would have heard there back in the day. Enjoy!

Set List for 6/27/2021

  1. Can’t Get You Out of My Head – Kylie Minogue
  2. Days Go By – Dirty Vegas
  3. Perfect Love (Universal Club Mix) – House of Prince
  4. Addicted To Bass – Puretone
  5. Why R U Here (Original Mix) – Lexicon Avenue
  6. They Say Vision – RES
  7. Rapture (Deep Dish Remix) – Iio
  8. Sexual (Li Da Di) (Thunderpuss 2000 Club Mix) – Amber
  9. Voices (Breathless Remix) – Saeed & Palash
  10. Sweet Dreams (Techno Remix) – Eurythmics
  11. Pump Up the Jam (Remix) Technotronic
  12. Die Another Day (Thunderpuss Mix) – Madonna
  13. That Sound (Original Mix) – Rosabel
  14. Stranger In My House (Hex Hector Vocal Mix) – Tamia
  15. If You Could Read My Mind (Hex Hector Mix) – Stars on 54
  16. Dancing Queen (Thunderpuss 2000 Club Remix) – ABBA

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