Random Draw – It’s A Pearl Jam Christmas

Random Draw
Random Draw
Random Draw - It's A Pearl Jam Christmas

On this special episode of Random Draw, we listen to songs taken from the annual Pearl Jam Fan Club Christmas singles. All of the songs played on today’s episode were taken right from the annual vinyl releases that Pearl Jam would send out to its fan club members. There’s Christmas songs, covers and some originals mixed in. Hope you have a holly, jolly listen.

All Songs By Pearl Jam:
Let Me Sleep (1991)
Angel (1993)
Last Kiss (1998)
Don’t Believe In Christmas (2002)
Better Man (2004)
Shattered with Jeanne Tripplehorn(2013)
Someday At Christmas (2004)
Little Sister with Robert Plant (2005)
Can’t Help Falling In Love (2000)
Santa God (2007)
Keep Me In Your Heart (2017)
Redemption Song with Beyonce (2015)
Jingle Bells (2007)
Love Reign O’er Me (2006)
Imagine (2014)

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