And So It Flows – May 31, 2022

And So It Flows
And So It Flows
And So It Flows - May 31, 2022

In this episode, Leslie Gabriel, our host and H2O Ambassador, interviews Liz Goodman of Berkshire Community Rowing.

Liz discusses how Berkshire Community brings Berkshire county residents a new relationship with water by creating programming for community residents for directly experiencing water and going out onto the water. Liz also highlights how her organization emphasizes community – and their commitment to make water and a relationship to H2O a centerpoint of the community.

Liz Goodman is also pastor of Church on the Hill in Lenox, Massa­chusetts, and Monterey United Church of Christ in Monterey, Massachusetts and we discuss the intersectionality of water and spirituality.

You can find out more about Berkshire Community Rowing by visiting

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