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The mission of WTBR-FM 89.7, Pittsfield Community Radio, is to operate a non-profit, non-commercial Community Radio station in Pittsfield, Massachusetts that provides a media platform to present diverse local, entertaining, informative and educational programming, and to enable community participation in all aspects of the station. WTBR-FM will focus its programming specifically on Pittsfield and neighboring Berkshire communities.



With new producers joining the lineup all the time, there's always something interesting playing on WTBR-FM!


Pittsfield Community Radio is programmed by community volunteers - and we'd love to include you amongst them!


WTBR-FM is listener supported radio - click NOW to donate to this station, and help us serve our community!

Our story

As Pittsfield prepared to open a brand-new Taconic High School in 2018, there was a very real possibility that listeners in our community would lose WTBR-FM.  The station, in operation at the school since the 1970s, would go off the air permanently without a community partner to step in to rebuild, manage and operate it.  



Enter Pittsfield Community Television– in partnership with the Pittsfield Public Schools, WTBR has re-emerged as a community media powerhouse.  Preserving the equipment and massive vinyl collection of the Taconic landmark, the new WTBR combines the Classic Rock that listeners have come to love with a diverse range of locally-originated programming produced by members of our Central Berkshire community!


In this way, PCTV and WTBR continues to serve our community, preserving this beloved station promoting local content. We welcome  you to visit our beautiful new WTBR-FM radio production studio at 4 Federico Drive, Suite 2 (just off of outer East Street) in Pittsfield!

WTBR-FM Has Been Recognized For Excellence With The Following Awards:

2022 Radio Personality – First Place Award

Mundo Latino – Martha & Deisy Escobar, Hosts/Producers

Entertainment & Arts – Single Episode Community Radio

Nothing But Old 45s – Larry Kratka, Host/Producer


Government Profile – Community Radio

On Patrol With The PPD – Chief Michael Wynn & Cpt. Gary Traversa, Hosts/Producers
Underserved Voices – Community Radio
Wheeling the Pathways of Life – Brian Fitzpatrick, Host/Producer


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