The Student Announcers of WTBR

They are our future. They are funny, creative, inquisitive, many adjectives to describe our student staff at WTBR. Each of our students have a different talent. Maybe they're shy on the air but play great music. Maybe they're into current events and want to share their opinion with the listening audience. Maybe they're an athlete and want to talk about sports or maybe they're a musician and want to talk about why they got into radio. No matter what their background may be, there's one thing that they're sure to do: ENTERTAIN YOU...THE LISTENERS.

One never knows what happens once our deejays throw their graduation caps into the air. Some go on to do great things. Some join the workforce, some go on to college...and some continue their love of radio. We're very proud at WTBR to have alumni that continued in the radio field. Classes in the 1980's brought the Berkshires former TBR alum Eric Greene who works for WUPE/Live 105.5, Curt Preisser who went on to work at WBEC and Bob Kester who is an on-air talent at Rock 102 in Springfield. Recently, Billy Madewell IV joined up with the Pittsfield Colonials and Pittsfield Suns baseball teams since graduating from Taconic in 2011. He played an integral part of getting students excited about radio and taking on the responsibility of being our Program Director, someone who oversees the programming and scheduling of shows and PSA. Currently, we're extremely proud of our new program director, Jane, who, in her Junior Year, got a job with WUPE doing voice work. Way to go Jane!!!

So, as you can see, one of our current jocks could go far in radio. There's nothing stopping our students from going far since their horizons looks so bright!!!

JOHN '17 & ANDREW '17
Monday afternoons from 2:30-4
ALEX '15 & MORGAN '15
Monday afternoons from 4-6

JANE '14 & KEVIN '15
Tuesday afternoons from 2:30-5
ANDREW '15 & VICKI '15
Tuesday afternoons from 5-7

Wednesday afternoons from 2:30-4
CODY '15
Wednesday afternoons from 4-6

MACEY '16 & ORION '16
Thursday afternoons from 2:30-4
VANESSA '15, VIOLA '15, MORGAN '15 & NELSA '15
Thursday afternoons from 4-6

Friday afternoons from 2:30-4
AVA '15
Friday afternoons from 4-6

CODY '15
Saturday nights from 9-Midnight (pre-recorded)

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