Our Mission Statement


  • To educate students the technical, creative and business aspects of the radio broadcast and recording industry.
  • To serve the promotional needs of Pittsfield Schools.
  • To provide a resource of information and entertainment for the listening community.
  • To assist eligible non-profit and charitable organizations with complimentary radio publicity.;To instruct the general public for use of the WTBR  facilities for community broadcasting.


  • Students that complete the workshops will have the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain employment at any professional radio station in the country.
  • Every participating student has a memorable high school accomplishment.
  • Students that complete the workshops will have a portfolio of their work projects.


  • Students must complete a minimum of 3 hours instruction before going on the air.
  • Students are required to attend and participate in weekly meetings.
  • Students are required to participate in a Radio Mentor Program
  • Upon satisfactory completion of one school year of service, the students will receive a Certificate Of Accomplishment.


    1) Develop and exercise the thought process.
    2) Implement basic technical and engineering skills.
    3) Improve confidence and self-esteem through public speaking instruction.
    4) Create an awareness of community service.
    5) Establish values of respect and ethical behavior to build character.
    6) Develop integration for working in small groups.
    7) Teach responsibility and discipline for following rules and directions.
    8) Provide networking opportunities for students within the community.
    9) Encourage individual creativity and self-expression.

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